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Best Apache Cassandra Solutions

Apache Cassandra is an open-source, distributed and a NoSQL database. It is highly scalable in terms of storing high density structured data across multiple commodity servers without any single point of failure. It is far supreme than other relational databases and NoSQL databases and provides linear scalability, fault tolerance and outstanding performance.

The Cassandra architecture is is unique and is the main reason for its ability to out perform. When we say linear scalability, it means that there is no master-salve legacy. All the nodes play an identical role and communicate with each other equally. In this way, Apache Cassandra becomes the right choice for handling large chunks of data or user operations across multiple data centers. This homogeneous node system helps Cassandra provide continuous availability and up time.

Features of Apache Cassandra

Many companies such as Apple, Netflix, eBay, Instagram etc have successfully deployed and benefited from Apache Cassandra. Some of the features are mentioned below.

Fault tolerant

With the cluster of homogeneous nodes, the data is automatically replicated multiple times to avoid any fault tolerance. It also supports replication of data across multiple data centers.

Elastic Scalability

New users and hardware can be easily added linearly on to Apache Cassandra without any issues of downtime or any interference to the already running applications.

Linear Scale Performance

Cassandra demonstrates high linear scale performance. It maintains a quick response time even when you add new nodes to the homogeneous network.

No Single Point of Failure

The architecture of Cassandra which allows all the nodes to communicate simultaneously at the same level ensures that there is no single point of failure and hence it is continuously available for critical business functions. The decentralized network of identical nodes ensures that there are no network bottlenecks.

Flexible and Durable Data Storage

Cassandra is a highly suitable for applications where data is critical and when business can’t afford to lose data or even encounter a downtime in the data center. It accommodates all possible data formats and allows you to change data structures as required.

Cassandra with its features is utilized for the following purposes.

  • Time Series Applications
  • Retail industries (Target, Ebay, Walmart, HomeDepot, Safeway,) in which cassandra gives the ability to handle millions of request during the holiday season (e.g., shopping carts, user transactions).
  • For providing online education (Pearson , Coursera)
  • High-velocity device data ingestion and analysis
  • Media streaming and user activity tracking (e.g., music, movies)
  • Social media input and analysis
  • Web log management / analysis
  • Web click-stream analysis
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Online gaming (e.g., real-time messaging)
  • Write-intensive transaction systems
  • Buyer event analytics
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Internet of Things applications

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